The International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF), the governing body of Pole, filed their first International Olympic Committee (IOC) Application in August of 2016 in hopes of not just bringing Pole Sports one step closer to its long term goal of reaching the Olympic Games but also to raise the level of the sport of pole to a caliber befitting IOC criteria. This is the larger goal of the IPSF, to continually grow and evolve Pole Sports in pursuit of excellence.

Says IPSF President, Katie Coates,


“We knew our first official IOC Application would be, in essence, to simply start this prestigious process and it would be quite an undertaking, however, we were determined to submit the most comprehensive application possible. We knew in meeting the extensive criteria of the IOC, we would raise the bar for our Sport as a whole just by completing the application process as the IOC criteria includes the implementation of a solid and extensive infrastructure to support our sport. We started the application process in January 2016 by collecting and building the required criteria and improving and implementing policies. We assembled a team of IPSF Steering Committee Members consisting of myself, Vice President Kate Whitley, General Secretary Lies Cuisinier, Technical Director Bianca Scholten, Head of Marketing and Events Kriston Leagh, Training Coordinator Jimena Barrios and also Alexandra Hernandez. We put the full force of our federation behind this application in hopes of presenting the clearest and best possible representation of Pole Sports to the International Olympic Committee.”



On December 6, 2016, only three short months after their first official International Olympic Committee Application, the IPSF received news that not only did they make a positive impression on the IOC, but the IOC was requesting a feedback meeting to discuss the application further; which means that Pole Sports is definitely on the IOC radar. The IOC thanked the IPSF for such a “comprehensive application as part of the 2016 IOC recognition procedure” advising “it is clear that a great deal of time and effort has been spent in preparing the application,”. Says Katie Coates,


“We could not be more thrilled with this response and look forward to the meeting in January. We realise that the IOC is a vast establishment and the recognition process is rigorous and lengthy to say the least, and we are honoured to be invited. We look forward to the continued growth of Pole Sports as a whole during these challenging and engaging next steps.”


This official meeting with the IOC signifies a legitimate advancement of IOC Recognition for the IPSF; the Pole community applauds and eagerly anticipates the outcome of this historic encounter when the IPSF puts Pole Sports squarely in the room with the International Olympic Committee.  


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