Pole Studios, Coaches and Instructors – let the new year bring you new opportunities!


As the new year begins, it is a great time to start looking ahead and planning for the success of your pole business in 2017.


Now is the perfect opportunity to level up your teaching skills from pole instructor to official professional pole coach and amp up your New Year curriculum with a fresh infusion of clients – children!


Here’s how you can take advantage of one of the fastest growing areas of Pole Sports and open up a vast new income stream for your pole business.


The beauty of youth: teaching pole to kids!


Youth participation in Pole Sports has exploded in recent years. In just 6 years, the number of children participating in IPSF competitions has grown by an incredible 400% and that upward trend is expected to snowball over the next 5 years.

This is a vast new student population, and the pole industry is currently not staffed with sufficient Youth Coaches to field this influx. This is the absolute best time to get involved in youth coaching!

Adding youth classes to your curriculum has some major benefits for you and your business:

  • Help your pole studio stand out against competition;
  • Extend your professional reach far into this quickly expanding new market;
  • Lead the way as a pioneering Youth Coach;
  • Develop and expand your pole instructor skills and become a more well-rounded coach and instructor.


The difference in teaching children


Children learn quickly and they are exceptionally inquisitive, not to mention fearless, flexible and strong, but in contrast to adults, physiologically, children are still developing from early childhood into late adolescence. They also have very different physiological responses to exercise which means your coaching skills and style will need to be adapted to account for the different physical and psychological demands that pole training has for younger athletes.

With the right knowledge, coaching children can be an extremely rewarding way for you to apply your passion for pole in a completely new context—you will get as much inspiration and joy from teaching your young students as they will get from your coaching, not to mention the pride you’ll feel as you watch them grow and develop into the pole stars of the future!


Start teaching pole to young people – a simple strategy


A pole class for children is much more than a scaled down version of an adult pole class. This is why your first step will be to get a recognised qualification in youth-specific coaching that will develop your skills as an instructor and ensure you are coaching safely and effectively. A recognized qualification will also enable you to obtain proper insurance coverage to teach children.

The EPIC IPSF Level 2 Youth Coaching qualification is the only youth course endorsed by the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF), the officially recognised governing body of Pole, and 1st4Sport, the awarding body that is recognised and regulated by Ofqual (the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator).


This course provides over 50 hours of fully supported training to give you the most comprehensive knowledge of the technical aspects of Youth Pole Sports Coaching. The course teaches health and safety for children, youth anatomy, and the physiology of growing bodies. It provides the coaching skills you must learn to teach children effectively, as well as the social techniques to effectively engage young people in your training programmes.


Currently the only prerequisite for the EPIC Youth course is at least one year’s experience as a pole instructor and a relevant certification in Anatomy, Physiology, warm up and cool down technique, which you can also obtain from EPIC as a Level 1 course.   The EPIC course will teach you everything you need to know for your first certification in Youth Pole Sports Coaching so you can begin this exciting new chapter as a Youth Pole Coach.


The popularity of Pole Sports is dramatically escalating in terms of participation as well as support. Like any sport, the future truly lies with the younger generation. The children participating in pole today will be the pole champions of the future, and Youth Coaches will play an important role in bringing up the next generation of pole athletes and taking our Sport to the next level.

The EPIC Youth Coaching Course is designed in line with Olympic standards and will give you the coaching skills you need to be prepared for anything – even the possibly of coaching future Olympians one day!


Find out how to get your Level 2 Youth Coaching qualification and start building the future of Pole Sports right along with the future of your business!

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