IPSF Covid 19 Recommendations

IPSF recommendations for the future reopening of Pole and Aerial schools and studios



  • Undertake a risk assessment
  • Email a detailed plan of education on new studio protocol to each participant to understand before attending a class. This means that you need to educate all your students and participants on the changes you are implementing to accommodate the current situation, and ensure that they acknowledge and commit to respecting these changes.
  • Email Rules, guidelines and waivers to each participant before there is any agreement to participate. Participation can only occur on agreement to these rules and guidelines, and the completion of the waiver (elaborated in next point). These should also be posted at the entrance of the studio.
  • Ask every participant to complete a waiver and a health declaration that states they are taking part at their own risk, that they are aware of potential infection from the virus and how best to protect themselves, and they abide by the new protocols being implemented. The health declaration should state that the participant does not exhibit any of the COVID-19 symptoms. It should also state that the participant will inform the studio/school the moment that their situation changes. These MUST be signed by the participant before any class participation occurs.
  • Extend arrival times before class and stagger to allow for cleaning and segregation.
  • Consider a reduction in the class timetable, class times and class participation numbers to allow for safe instruction, entry, exit and cleaning of the building.
  • Have a minimum of two people on site to help with the direction of the participants and cleaning of the venue for the next class. Both of these people should be up to date on the safety requirements set out by their government and international health organisations.
  • Create an area outside the studio to be used as a cleaning station and storage of personal items. If this is not possible, this station should be directly by the entrance of the studio, but set up in such a way to not obstruct flow of people moving in and out.
  • Where possible, make the wearing of homemade masks a requirement. They should be homemade to avoid PPE shortages for the medical sector. Each participant should arrive wearing one. Alternately follow government guidelines.
  • Where possible each participants' temperate should to be taken and must be under 37.7°C (100.4°F). If the participants' temperature is above this number, this means they could be running a fever, and therefore cannot be permitted to take part in the class. Please make sure to use non-contact thermometers for general hygiene, and in order to limit the potential spread.
  • Pole and aerial equipment should be 2m apart. If this means removing poles in order to increase the distance between apparatus, this should be undertaken. However, safety must be maintained at all times and only qualified personnel should do any changes to the equipment layout.
  • Wash hands and feet before class begins, and adequate cleaning products for hands and equipment should be supplied by the studio/school. 
  • Students must maintain good hygiene, and ensure that they are clean before attending a class.
  • Poles, mats and floor should be cleaned after every participant that has used them. Where possible, participants should provide their own yoga mats/bricks and other potential, non-fixed equipment.
  • Adhere to social distancing if this is currently a requirement. The next group of participants should be held in a different area (ie, a queue with 2m indicators marked on the floor) maintaining social distancing at all times (throughout the entire visit) and there should be no overlap in contact between each group of participants. If this is not possible, ensure that you have enough time between classes to have the leaving group fully disperse from the premises before the next group starts arriving.
  • Please allow enough time between classes to properly clean and ventilate the studio/school.




  • If the participant has one or more symptom of the virus, they must not attend the class.
  • Spotting should not currently be permitted, as this violates distancing rules. Student should not be taught or encouraged to do moves that require a spot until contact is allowed by your government. Please remember that even in countries where minimal contact is allowed, if you spot each student, it is the equivalent of each of them spotting each other, therefor increasing the risk of spread. We advise lower level upright moves, floor work, choreography, pole strength and flexibility training instead. This time for training should be used to maintain technique rather than gaining further inversion experience or attempting to advance knowledge by attempting elements outside of the participants realm of comfort.
  • The sale or consumption of food or drink is not permitted. Participants may bring their own water and towel, which should not be shared.
  • Only one person to a pole/equipment is recommended unless the participants are from the same household.
  • Participants not actively taking part in the lesson should be allowed in the studio.
  • Communal use of gloves, straps, grips, belts, towels and the like should be prohibited at all times.
  • Use of drinking fountains or communal drinking stations. Water should be brought with the participant.
  • Use of the locker room for both changing clothes and bathing. All changing and bathing should be done at the participants own home. 
  • Where possible, do not use taped hoops (we suggest that, as far as possible, any fabrics related to aerials should be avoided, including silks, rope etc.).



** This list is not exhaustive and the points are recommendations only for the Pole and Aerial industry. Government guidelines take precedence and should be followed at all times. As information regarding the virus changes rapidly these recommendations may also change to suit the current climate. Different countries are at different stages of lockdown so please keep up to date with current information pertaining to your country. Please contact us with any recommendations. This is an open working document. **

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