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After discussions and a vote by both the IPSF Federations and the IPSF Athletes commission, the decision has been made to postpone the launch of the 2020/2022 Codes of Points (Pole Sport, Aerial Hoop, Artistic Pole and Ultra Pole). It was agreed that due to the unprecedented situation the pandemic has brought about and the subsequent suspension of the 2020 competition season and world championships, launching the new code would not be beneficial to the development of the athletes, many who have been working for a year on their competition programmes.


This means that athletes do not lose valuable time already spent on training. This also means that, while the information related to the codes does not change in terms of the judging and code of points courses, coaches and judges will still be required to recertify/renew their trainings next year, in line with IPSF continuing professional development (CPD). We have the responsibility to ensure that athletes have the best trained judges and coaches, and this is why we believe it will remain necessary for these courses to continue.


With this in mind, it gives the IPSF an opportunity to add even more new elements to the Pole Sports and Aerial Hoop codes of points, and to continue to test the codes for inconsistencies.

Time will now be focused on developing the codes, adding to our list of disciplines, refining the judges and code of points courses we have, creating additional courses such as the coaching and youth courses, as well as translating the code into even more languages.

If you would like to submit a new element to be considered for the different codes of points, we have extended the submission date until 31 March 2021.


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