IPSF Endorsed Training & Education

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Judges Training

Choose between 100% online courses currently in English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian & Russian

Code of Points Courses

Online and face to face courses held in English, Spanish, Polish, Italian and Finnish

Ultra & Artistic Courses

Learn about the scoring systems for both Ultra and Artistic Pole - suitable for all

Anatomy & Physiology Courses

Choose between 100% online or face to face contact courses currently in English, Spanish and Finnish

Youth Pole Coach

Online courses to teach exsisting pole instructors how to teach kids - includes a 10 level syllabus

Aerial Yoga Course

Online course to teach instructors how to prepare for, deliver and review safe aerial yoga sessions for recreational participants

Athlete Workshops

coming soon

IPSF Endorsed Training & Education

Vocational training provided by Poles leading team of experts


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