Important update regarding competition endorsement for United States Pole Sports Federation (USPSF) organised USPSF Championships 2016


On Monday 8th February the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) committee held their monthly committee meeting. The IPSF committee currently consists of 18 members from around the world. Agenda items and votes always include: matters of governance, updates from the different sub-committees, the World Pole Sports Championships (WPSC), National Championships and National Federation Memberships, as well as any other business and emergency matters of concern.


During agenda discussions an urgent emergency matter was presented to the committee. As a result of ongoing unresolved infringements of rules and regulations with a lack of resolution by the United States Pole Sports Federation (USPSF), a unanimous committee vote was made to terminate USPSF federation membership and competition endorsement for failure to fulfil recognised and agreed upon competition endorsement criteria and a contravention of the Code of Ethics. The decision to revoke endorsement was not taken lightly; however, the IPSF has a duty to protect all compliant federations, competitions and athletes.  


In order to remain fair and unbiased to all of the IPSF’s endorsed competitions and federations, endorsements can only be awarded to federations and competitions who meet all levels of criteria in IPSF rules and regulations. All federations and competition organisers agree to adhere to these rules at the time of their endorsement. The IPSF has a duty to honour and respect all National Federations and endorsed competitions who have worked hard to comply with endorsement criteria.


It is with great sadness that we must announce that the USA National Championships is no longer a qualifying competition for the World Pole Sports Championships 2016. The IPSF endorsement has been removed from this competition along with the use of the IPSF code of points and qualified judges.  The IPSF fully supports all athletes in every category of IPSF endorsed competitions and will continue to do so even though the USPSF 2016 National Championships is no longer endorsed. The athletes are our foremost concern; all athletes who are registered to attend the competition have been informed and alternative emergency measures have been put into place for Elite athletes to qualify for the WPSC 2016. There are also measures in place for Amateur and Professional athletes to still compete, be judged and placed by the IPSF. A letter has also been sent to USPSF with a request to forward to all athletes to ensure none are missed.


If any USA athlete has any question on how to still compete under IPSF endorsement and/or qualify for WPSC2016, please contact us directly at athletes@polesports.org

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