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Olympic Update


We are delighted to announce that the IPSF has been included in the WORLD SPORTS FOR ALL GAMES.


We have been invited to send a delegation of 8 athletes to present Pole Sports to 12,000 sports people from 110 countries.


 The event will be hosted in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia from the 6-12th October. 


IPSF endorsed federations and competitions are invited to sponsor one/two of their elite athletes to cover their travel expenses.



  • The athlete must be elite
  • The athlete must be available to attend the event the full period
  • They must be prepared to demonstrate throughout the event and discuss pole as a sport
  • They must have an up to date passport and visa with no restrictions to travel to Indonesia
  • They must be able to safely travel alone to and from Jakarta and back to their country
  • They must have federation/competition tracksuits and suitable costumes


The IPSF is looking for a both doubles, singles, men and women to show a full representation of Pole Sports. The deadline for submission of your elite athletes is Friday 1st April.


This is a huge event for both Pole Sports, the IPSF and its athletes. It will be the first time that our sport has been included in a WORLD GAMES.

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World Pole Sports Championships
Tickets go on sale for the World Pole weekend as well as applications open for qualified athletes on 1st March 2017. The championships will be held on 30th June - 2nd July Holland

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