TAFISA World Games

6th TAFISA World Sports for All Games 2016

Jakarta Indonesia 2016




The International Pole Sports Federation were delighted to receive an invitation to the 6th TAFISA World Games in Jakarta, Indonesia in April. We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to perform at this prestigious event recognize by the International Olympic Committee.


This was the first time Pole Sports has been featured at a world sporting event! Over 6000 delegates attended from 150 countries.


The IPSF and its federations selected delegates to represent Pole Sports at the event:

 Paige Olson – USA

Benita Bouwer – South Africa

Erika Gonzalez Del Pliego – Mexico

Tina Jar Hagberg – Norway

Brianne McClanahan - USA

Maria Eugenia – Mexico

Katrina Wyckoff - USA


Our mission was to let the world know what Pole Sports is all about and just how far the sport has evolved in the last 6 years.


All athletes prepared two competitions like routines in their own peculiar style representing Elite Doubles, Women Senior, Women Masters, And Novice. Huge crowds gathered to watch the event which was enthusiastically received. We were lucky enough to share the event with some amazing sport such as Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Skateboarding, parkour, Jump Rope and many more.



Many of the athletes gave TV and magazine interviews and the President Katie Coates went to dinner with the First Minster of Jakarta and other sporting dignitaries.


Our delegation was lucky enough to take part in Capoeira demonstrations, compete in a number of traditional Indonesian sports and promote Pole Sports to so many different kinds of people.


“We are all so thankful for all the attentions we received from every member of the staff and people working in this Games.  We all felt very well looked after, our guides took such good care of us, and we saw that every single detail was taken into consideration. This made our experience in Jakarta so pleasant and unforgettable in every single way, such a special country to host Pole Sports first experience on the world of sport. All of TAFISA delegation became close and good friends, family, we made history but we also have a story we share. I am so thankful so blessed and I am sure the rest of the team shares this feeling as well, we all feel proud to be a part of this.”


~Erika González del Pliego


“I think it’s fair to say our experiences in Jakarta, Indonesia for the TAFISA World Games was an amazing cultural experience for everyone.  This was not only a time that we were able to learn about and experience traditional sports and games from all over the world but we were also able to show everyone what Pole Sports is all about.  When it comes to Pole Sports seeing is understanding.  We are so thankful to be part of the team created by IPSF to help show this amazing sport to the world.  Everyone loved it but the most important thing for us was being able to introduce this to so many children who are the future of Pole Sports.”


~Paige Olson and Jennifer Balow

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