With regard to the recent controversy at the POSA event, to be clear, as the governing body of Pole, the IPSF does not condone racially offensive acts or performances or discrimination of any kind in Pole and will under no circumstances condone unlawful discriminatory practices.


The IPSF has a zero-tolerance policy for racism and/or discrimination of any kind. We strive to adhere to a strict code of conduct which has been developed in line with the International Olympic Committee, and to support the spirit of Olympianism. We encourage this practice in all of our National Federations and Endorsed Competitions, as well as in all of Pole Sports.


Although we understand artistic interpretation and perhaps becoming lost in creativity when preparing a routine, we insist that all performances and performers must be in line with the core principles and moral values instituted by the IOC and the Federation. A performance must be in line not only with the letter of these values, but also in line with this spirit. Mistakes happen, but we encourage all competition officials to strive for racial equality, to take responsibility when issues arise, and to evolve and enforce policies when necessary. 



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