IPSF Executive Committee

The IPSF is a democratic federation and each leading member of the pole sports committee from around the world has been voted in at General Assembly. Each member of the committee donates their time freely to ensure the highest standards possible are met and then evaluated regularly to guarantee consistency in our aims and goals.

Executive Committee

President - Katie Coates


KT has been a major influence in the pole  industry for over  20 years and is a pioneer and leading authority in  the push to get Pole Sports recognised as a sport and eventual inclusion into the Olympic Games. She has also been a  leading figure in pole training and coaching programmes, creating the  fist fitness programme for pole and now the first coaching programmes for pole. 


She has be instrumental in raising  health and safety standards within the pole community from both a  coaching and competition perspective. As President, Katie oversees the Federations, Competitions, Trainings and Marketing  committees as well as co-ordinating the day to day tasks associated with  running of the IPSF.

Vice-President - Bianca Sholten


Bianca has been involved in the pole industry in South Africa for a number of years as a student, instructor, competitor, and at national federation level.  Bianca was one of the first IPSF qualified judges in South Africa (and in Africa), and qualified as the first Head Judge in Africa.  Bianca joined the IPSF as a member of the technical committee in 2015, and took over as the Technical Director in 2016.  In 2017, Bianca took over from Kate Whitley as the Vice President.  


Bianca is passionate about pole fitness and pole sports, and enjoys pushing herself and her students, taking every opportunity to learn.  The need for a consistent and transparent system is what drew Bianca to the IPSF in the first place; the drive for recognition as an Olympic Sport is one that Bianca is excited to be involved in.

General Secretary - Lies Cuisinier


Lies has been the general secretary and an integral part of the IPSF since 2015. Born and living in Malawi, she is also passionate about judging and is a certified IPSF judge since 2015.


Lies became very passionate about pole sports after university and has worked together with her fellow IPSF colleagues towards Olympic recognition and taking care of important administrative tasks. She hopes to continue adding value to committee and the sport for many years to come.

Judges Coordinator - Cindy Cooijmans


Cindy is and internationally certified Pole instructor,  judge and the creator of the Pole Move Box. As her role with the Pole Move Box she keeps up with new moves and the naming process that comes with it.


She has been a very important part of the IPSF since  the the first world championships in 2012, as a judge, volunteer and co-organisor.


As the IPSF Judges director she  ensures all IPSF endorsed competition have a qualified judges panel that are trained to an excellent standard.


Cindy has been awarded UPA Industry person of the year 2017.

Anti-Doping Coordinator - Anna Mode


Anna has over 10-year experience in working in international company in area of finance. She has been practicing fitness and Pole Sport for many years and  is experience in teaching & competing at international level.


Currently she is overseeing and implementing anti-doping program for IPSF and is proud of our athlete egative results.


She is confident that Pole Sport has Olympic future. “Sport is all about integrity, trust and objectivity, I stand for transparent and fair competition.” With the team of committed volunteers Anna oversaw doping control procedures for WADA testing at the World Pole Sport 2017 in The Netherlands.

Competitions Coordinator - Jezabel Olmos


Jezabel Olmos studied a degree in International Relations at ITAM. She began practicing pole in 2005 as a recreational activity. She was the first Mexican trained as an instructor and in 2007 began teaching pole fitness, which led her to venture into the fitness world.


She became the first Mexican woman to promote pole as a fitness activity. She was appointed president of the Mexican Pole Sports Federation, and has guided pole sports through a numerous achievements. Her main role is to disseminate and promote pole as an activity in process of becoming a recognized sport by government agencies and international associations. She is also Head Judge and Master Trainer for the International Pole Sports Federation.

Federations Coordinator - Salima Peippo


Salima Peippo was born in Canada, lived her childhood in Finland, and studied in the state circus schools of Moscow to become a circus artist. After more than 10 years of travelling around the world as a performing circus artist, she has moved to Spain and runs a pole and a circus studio, educates pole and aerial instructors, teaches, coaches, judges and does Pole Sports federation work both nationally and internationally. 


Speaking English, Russian, Spanish and Finnish has been essential in her role as Federations Coordinator. Since Salimia join the IPSF she has been instrumental in doubling the number of federation members.

Training Coordinator - Anna Von Hune

Anna was born to German parents in Montreal, Canada. She started in ballet and gymnastics and finally fell in love with aerial acrobatics at age 11. She has years of experience in aerial circus performance and coaching. As a certified personal trainer, Anna has counselled clients in health and nutrition since 2005.


With a Master’s degree in Educational Technology, Anna has managed to merge her two passions - sports and education. She found pole sports in 2014 and has been competing nationally and internationally ever since. Anna joined the IPSF in 2017 and is excited to take part in the growth of pole sports.

Sub Committee

Federations Team - Marni Kehm


Marni Kehm was born in Canada, raised in USA, and currently resides in Switzerland.  She is a graduate of Smith College with a B.Sc. in General Engineering and Music and from the Universitaet of Stuttgart with a M.Sc. in Process Engineering. 


Marni began pole fitness in 2014 and  has since then been involved in the Pole Sport Industry. After becoming more involved, Marni has developed a passion for the sport, which has led to her position within the Federations and Athletes Committee.


Her role ensures that all IPSF athletes are properly and effectively represented from all IPSF Federations and also acts as a connection to the IPSF Executive Committee.

Admin Team - Virag Kremling


Virág has been taking part in pole sports since 2013. She is an experienced pole competition participant as she volunteered in several national IPSF endorsed championships in different roles.


Virág helped as a staff coordinator during the WPSC 2017. She has been working with the IPSF since 2016 assisting for the Vice President with administrational and organizational projects.

Admin Team - Dimitra J. Kourmatzi


Dimitra I. Kourmatzis is an Attorney at Law specializing in the Field of International Law.  Born in Greece but raised abroad (Japan, the Netherlands, The U.S.A and The UK) her international background (as well as internatinal legal background) assists in ther work with the IPSF.   A member of the Piraeus Bar Association (Greece) and a former member of the English Law Society she has over 10 years of professional working experience. 


She has been active in the pole industry as of 2015 both as a student, as an author (on various subjects which are published from time to time) as well as a legal advisor for athletic based cases .

Training Team - Lindsay Finnemore


Lindsay has been in the pole dance and choreography industry since 2009. She has taught pole conditioning and dance classes, as well as attended numerous workshops and classes. Her love for dance started at just 6 years old, when she donned her first pair of pink ballet shoes. She went on to have a long love affair with modern jazz and contemporary dance, and completed all her exams including the advanced AIDT syllabus. After doing her AIDT modern teachers exams, she took a break from “floor” dancing, and took up pole.


Lindsay has a flair for choreography and has assisted numerous athletes with award-winning pole routines.


Lindsay is a Level 2 Qualified IPSF Judge, and is also a member of the IPSF Trainings Committee.

Technical Committee - Tracy Mak


Tracy Mak was born in Hong Kong, spent her years in Singapore, and is currently living in Paris, France. She owns two pole & aerial studios in Singapore.


Tracy is the first in Asia to become a qualified IPSF Head Judge in 2017. She is part of the IPSF Technical Committee and contributes to the development of its Code of Points & Rules and Regulations. Tracy is a certified pole and aerial hoop & hammock instructor. 


She hopes to grow the recognition of pole as a sport, as well as provide opportunities for Asian talents on the international stage. She has judged in various national and international Pole Championships around the world.

Technical Committee - Szilvia Molnar


Szilvia lives in Budapest, Hungary and had her first pole class in 2011 and since then she has participated in many competitions
She become a pole instructor in 2013 and an IPSF qualified judge in 2015. She has been also a member of the IPSF Technical Committee since 2017.
Szilvia hopes to grow the recognition of pole as a sport and supports hungarian athletes in their preparation for competitions.

Technical Committee - Maya Mircheva


Maya was born in Bulgaria but is currently based in Germany where she developed interest in pole sports. Since 2015 she has been running her own studio and prepares athletes for IPSF competitions. That's when she found out about the federation and developed interest in contributing its activities. Maya has been a member of the technical committee since February 2017 and is also a certified IPSF judge.


Beside pole sports, Maya graduated at the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she obtained her Bachelor degree in sports sciences. She specialized in gymnastics, and more specifically trampoline and is a nationally certified trampoline judge for the last two Olympic cycles.

Honorary Member  - Kate Whitley


Kate has been involved in the pole industry since 2008 and joined the IPSF as the Ethics Chair in 2010. Becoming the Vice-President in 2011 has meant she was an integral part of IPSF from the first World Championships to where the federation is today in 2017.


She firmly believes in the goal of Pole being a sport represented in the Olympic Games and has worked tirelessly in all areas of federation development to achieve that goal. Kate has now retired from her position as Vice-President but will continue to support the IPSF on administrative matters.

Honorary Member - Florenza Pizanis

2012 - 2015

Florenza is a professional dance teacher/ballet master, choreographer, pole dance instructor and Rhythmic Sports Gymnastics trainer and judge. She has also worked in two competitive sports at national and international levels (up to Olympic qualifications) and has seen the outcome of faulty judging systems and the harsh politics that go along with it. Florenza has experienced firsthand, the effect inconsistencies and injustices can have on hard-working and determined athletes of all ages. She would like to help prevent much of this happening in its infancy and is works on the IPSF standardised scoring system and intense and comprehensive judges training to ensure consistency for all athletes.

Honorary Member - Tim Trautman

2010 - 2012

Tim created the IPSF in early 2010 to take pole sports to the ultimate level, the World Games and the Olympics. In 2006 he joined with Lizz Schofield to create Studio Soiree in Salt Lake City, Utah which became hugel successful.  In early 2009, he assisted in the creation and operation of the Pole Fitness Association and started the PFA's Olympic Committee to study what it would take to get pole sports into the Olympics. From his research, it was clear that a dedicated organisation was needed. Thus, he left the PFA to start the IPSF and spent the next year planning and putting the IPSF together as well as recruiting the industry's best and brightest leaders to make the IPSF what it is today. 

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