12 Exciting Things Happening

TicketsTickets12 Exciting Things Happening in Pole Sports This Month! It is IPSF APRIL and we have a fun pole packed month for you!

  1. IPSF April will see 5 National championships take place as well as 4 Open competitions, giving us 72 IPSF champions qualified for the WPSC16!
  2. The first of our championships kicks off this weekend with JAPAN, who have had the largest representation of athletes at the WPSC for the last 3 years.
  3. Special Judging provisions have been made for USA Athletes, giving them the opportunity to qualify for the WPSC16 this month after the unfortunate mandatory endorsement revocation of their national championship. Stay tuned for the sure-to-be-spectacular entries!
  4. Athlete applications for the World Pole Sports Championships will be launched on 15th April. The word is that we are going to smash all previous years' record number of athletes!
  5. After the amazing success of the inaugural #CRACKTHECODE Challenge on Instagram, we have another contest coming your way for a chance to show off your pole skills and win more WPSC16 prizes!
  6. WPSC Champions Archive - Step back with us as we look over some of our previous World Pole Sports Champions and watch their winning routines throughout the month of April.
  7. We have a big news from SportAccord who have invited the IPSF to Switzerland to discuss the exciting next steps and future of Pole Sports! 
  8. Two more National Federations have been working hard and are now nearing the final steps to join the IPSF to become official members, taking our total to 14. We are so excited to welcome them. More news will come in May!
  9. The IPSF committee will be meeting to discuss, debate, and vote on current aspects of the Federation and the World Pole Sports Championships. Subjects will range from everyday federation affairs such as administrations and applications processes, the IPSF Code of Points, athlete trainings, and Epic Certifications, all the way to the paramount topics of our pending trip to Switzerland to meet with the SportAccord, our invitation for Pole Sports to be a part of the TAFISA World Games, and all the exciting preparations for the World Pole Sports Championships.
  10. Keep an eye out for several new fun and action packed Pole Sports promotions that you will not want to miss!
  11. Many WPSC Vendor Booths have sold out! Including Vendor Booths A,B,C,D as well as 5 other stands, so Vendors, make sure you apply as soon as possible to snag your spot!
  12. Early Bird pricing has now closed, however, you can still get tickets while they last! We'll see you in London!   

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