IOC Application



It is a historical month for Pole Sports and the IPSF! We are delighted to announce that we have applied to the International Olympic Committee for recognition as a sport today.


This is the beginning of a long process we are proud to be ready for. It may take a number of years but along with our SportAccord application we are taking on the challenge and evolving rapidly to meet their criteria.


A huge thank you to the IPSF Olympic Sub-Committee Kate Whitley, Kriston Leagh, Lies Cuisinier, Bianca Scholten, Maria Alexandra Hernandez and Jimena Barrios who have worked on the application for the last 5 months. Thank you to the IPSF committee, IPSF Federations and competitions, Sun Pole, athletes, coaches and enthusiasts, without whom, none of this could at all be possible! We have 21 federations…we need 19 more….JOIN US AND BECOME THE GOVERNING BODY OF POLE IN YOUR COUNTRY!


We will keep you updated with whats happening over the next few month...

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