What is Judging?

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

Judging pole sports as an IPSF judge is about maintaining excellent standards of judging for all participants in this sport.  Athletes compete from regional to international level with trust and faith in the scoring system and complete confidence in the highly trained judges.  Being an IPSF judge means having a responsibility to athletes, coaches, spectators and officials by acting with integrity and honesty at all times.


We have 3 levels of judging courses as well as continued professional development courses to help judges improve and achieve throughout their career.


Level 1 - Code of Points introductory course for judges who wish to get an understanding and basic foundation of the scoring system before taking the full training course. This is not a prerequsite to the level 2 course and prospective judges can take the level 2 course directly if they prefer.


Level 2 - The role of a Level 2 judge is to gain the technical  knowledge required to judge in all aspects of IPSF competitions by having a complete practical understanding and application of judging in all sections.


Level 3 - This course is for judges who wish to further their knowledge and expertise by becoming a head judge. The head judge is responsible for all aspects of competitions.



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