Youth Proficiency Awards

IPSF Proficiency Awards


The International Pole Sports Youth proficiency Award Scheme provides the foundation for teaching high quality Pole Sports in a fun, friendly & developmental way. This system has been developed by industry specialists to help coaches inspire young athletes to reach their full potential safely.


What are proficiency awards


The scheme introduces children to physical activity in a fun yet structured environment so that they can safely learn and experiment action, balance and coordination activities. Efficient use of the Proficiency Awards should encourage participation, effort and give an accurate picture of progress. Badges and certificates may be purchased to reward successful completion.


The International Pole Sports Federation  Award Scheme provide, coaches, clubs, schools and studios with:

  • A structured syllabus that allows children to develop at their own pace
  • An internationally recognised curriculum standard throughout the world
  • 10 levels that start at foundation level and build the key skills to enable the children to comfortably advance onto the IPSF code of points
  • Suitable for the recreational enthusiast through to the promising athlete and all between
  • Resource packs that include motivational certificate, badges and much more
  • A source of income for coaches whilst encouraging and motivating children to progress to a higher level. 

For children aged five years and upwards the scheme assists in the progressive development of the six core skills that make up the components of Pole Sports.


Who can coach the levels?


Youth Proficiency awards are only available to those who have successfully passed the EPIC Level 2 Youth pole sports coach course and is FREE to join. Participating coaches will be listed on the website.

Coaches teach the children each of the movements throughout the course either individually or as part of chorography. At the end of the course is test week where children are tested and awarded certificates for passing the level or a certificate for taking part. Polers may progress through the levels as fast or as slow as they wish.




There are 10 levels, 1 is the easiest level  and 10 is the hardest level.



  • Children can test for as many levels as you wish at once in order to progress faster
  • 1 move in each of the 6 sections to pass
  • Moves must meet the minimum requirements to achieve the move
  • To gain merit and distinction children can do any extra moves




Coaches can purchase Resource Packs that include the following:


Starter Pack:

  • Certificates
  • Record Booklets
  • Badges
  • Assessment sheet

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