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The International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) would like to invite you to join us.


As the international governing body of Pole Sports, our long term goal is to get Pole recognised as a sport and included in the Olympics. This is a long journey, but we are quite a way down this path already!  SportAccord is the governing body of all sports, including those who want to be an Olympic Sport; and the IPSF is currently working in close union with both SportAccord and the Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport (AIMS) with the common goal for the IPSF and Pole Sports to fulfil SportAccord criteria for recognition; we are happy to announce that we have already fulfilled much of this criteria. The only remaining steps are as follows:


  • Expand our National Federations membership to forty members
  • Continue the growth of participating athletes


In this effort, as the umbrella governing body, not only for Pole Sports, but for all genres of Pole, the IPSF has long been developing other disciplines of Pole separate to Pole Sports, and taking especially into consideration our athletes’ wish to compete in less rigidly scored competitions. With this in mind, the IPSF has been working behind the scenes for more than a year to develop an entire Freestyle Series of Pole Sports Disciplines under which, Pole Art, Urban Pole, and Ultra Pole, among others, will belong. We are very excited to announce that these three disciplines in particular will finally be ready for launch, complete with their own Freestyle Pole scoring system, in the very near future. As the governing body of all genres of Pole, it is our goal to unite all disciplines of Pole and include the interests of all Polers under the umbrella of the IPSF. We are inviting a wide range of pole organisations to join the IPSF and become part of the biggest network of competitions globally for all types of Pole, as well as belonging to a ground breaking Pole movement.


It is easier to join than you think, and the IPSF will provide full support, including step by step instructions, to all joining federations.


These are the only steps you need to take to join:

  • Appoint a minimum of three people who will serve as committee members
  • Start a non-profit organization (this will be fully explained and fully supported by the IPSF)
  • Open a bank account that belongs to your organisation and is not for profit
  • Publish a simple website with a logo


Again, you will have the full support of a dedicated team at the IPSF to assist you with questions, concerns and standard operating procedures, at every step of the way.


The benefits to your organisation as an IPSF National Federation:

  • Your organisation will be the only one allowed to be the National Governing Body of Pole in your country (IPSF and SportAccord only recognise one organisatation per country).
  • Recognition as a governing organisation can bring you funding, National Olympic recognition, sponsorship, and more.
  • You will be linked to a network of IPSF competitions in all genres: Pole Sports, Freestyle Pole Art, Freestyle Urban Pole, Freestyle Ultra Pole, and more.
  • Your athletes will enjoy some of the largest and most accredited exposure of any competitors and also participate in a competition track to the accredited World Championships.
  • You will have access to the best training programmes in the world for judges, athletes, and coaches; and be able to earn money for your organisation at the same time.
  • As a Not-For-Profit, you and your committee can earn a salary paid to you by the federation so all your hard work can be rewarded and supported.
  • The IPSF has a National Federations Team that will provide full support to your organization at every step of the way.


We would love to speak with you more about how your organisation can become a National Federation and join this historical movement in Pole.


You can reach us at or complete our easy online application for more information here

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