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The IPSF is delighted to have met the strict WADA requirements to become not only WADA Code Compliant, but also a WADA Singatory. This is an essential part of being a Governing Body of a Sport and a compulsory requirement of both GAISF and the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE, and the IPSF is honoured to be the only Pole Federation to hold Signatory status. We are proud to be listed and leading the way to a clean and recognised sport. Only those listed on the site are signatories and compliant. It is important that our community fully understands who has achieved the criteria in order to understand the implication on athletes, so if you are in any doubt, please check to see if the organisation you are competing with is listed - https://www.wada-ama.org/en/code-signatories


Code Compliance – How?


As the international independent Agency tasked with coordinating, monitoring and promoting the fight against doping in sport, one of WADA’s core activities is to monitor the compliance to the Code of its Signatories.


While WADA is the governing body for the implementation of the Code, it is the Code Signatories who are responsible for the implementation of applicable Code provisions through policies, statutes, rules, regulations and programs according to their authority and jurisdiction. Signatories have a number of Code compliance obligations, especially under WADA’s new ISO9001: 2015 certified World Anti-Doping Code Compliance Monitoring Program.


How to become Code compliant


What are the steps for an organization to become Code compliant?

Step 1: Acceptance

Agree to the principles of the Code and agree to implement and comply with the Code.

In 2017 the IPSF agreed to the principles and implementation of the code and has been meeting the WADA criteria for over a year, with WADA granting a second year membership to the IPSF


Step 2: Implementation
Amend organization rules and policies to include the mandatory articles and principles of the Code.

The IPSF have changed its rules and policies to comply with the WADA principles and is now disseminating this through all of its nationals federations. February 2018 saw the an IPSF Anti-Doping meeting with over 25 national Anti-Doping representatives. Spain were the first this season to implement WADA testing nationally.


Step 3: Enforcement
Enforce amended organization's rules and policies in accordance with the Code.

2017 saw the IPSF implement its first in competition WADA testing inline with WADA rules. 10% of athletes were tested and 0% proved positive for banned or controlled substances. Continuing the 4th year of successful testing. 2018 will see the first out of competition testing.#


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