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The exhilarating Ultra Pole, the first of the new disciplines, was designed to encourage innovation, embolden creativity, elevate freedom of expression, and escalate ultimate athleticism to attract the most radical and innovative athletes yet. Judged by the new Freestyle Pole Series Rules Ultra Pole is an ultimate trick battle enabling the athlete to trick out against other competitors in battle style rounds expressing the ultimate in acrobatic and creative inspiration and skills.


Adding an element of crowd participation in judging takes this discipline to new levels in crowd frenzy and the debut of the Inaugural Ultra Pole World Championships at the 2016 World Pole Sports Championships was met with resounding success by an exhilarated and astounded crowd. This is where new moves are born and where innovation lives.



  • Athletes must be at least 16+ years old on the date of the World Ultra Pole Championships to apply

  • There will be two categories: Male and Female

  • There are 8 places available in each category

  • Applications are through national qualification

  • Finalists and reserves announced each summer

  • World Championships will take place every October

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