Approved grips

Athletes may use any kind of grip, as long as it is not dispensed from an aerosol (spay can) and it does not transfer, hard to remove residue, onto the pole.


  • Athletes may use Grip products on their hands/feet/body but strictly not on the pole
  • It is the athletes responsibility to know if the product they are using, can be easily removed from the pole after their performance and in the allotted time (1 minute)  by the pole cleaners.
  • IPSF competition use 2 brass one piece poles. Both poles will be cleaned before each athlete. First with a grease remover, then with a dry towel/cloth.
  • Athletes may clean the poles themselves if they prefer but must use the cleaning products provided by the organiser.
  • Athletes are prohibited from cleaning the poles with their own cleaning products.


A -5 penalty will be given if grip is applied directly on the pole or if the Pole cleaners cannot remove the residue from the pole in the allotted time. This penalty will be given by the Head judge.


If the Head judge feels that there is a safety issue with the poles being consistently slippery, they may initiate interim measures that will improve athletes grip on the pole.


Prohibited products:

  • Spray cans
  • Products that contains Resin
  • Gloves (with the exception of the medial prove of Hyperhidrosis)


Using prohibited grip aids may result in Disqualification.


IPSF Grip Product Approval


In order to improve safety within our Pole sport and allow athletes more choice of the grip enhancers they use, the IPSF are offering a system of grip product approval. This free system for manufactures will give athletes peace of mind that they can use products without fear of  penalties during competition.


How it works:

  • Complete the free online application giving full details about your product
    • Your main ingredient:
    • Magnesium/ Chalk/ Alcohol/ Silica/ Thermoplastic/ Aluminium Sesquichlorohydrate/ Glyserine/ Beeswax/ Resin
    • The form it comes it:
    • Powder/ liquid/ Solid/ Spray/ Cloth/ Bag
    • How you advise to clean residue off the pole
  • The IPSF Committee will discuss your application for approval at the monthly meeting
  • You will be informed of the outcoming within 30 days or less
  • Upon approval you will be sent an IPSF approved logo to use on your product and publicity
  • You will be required to link back to the IPSF on your website


This service is completely free, however should you wish to donate to the Olympic push or sponsor an IPSF event we would be grateful.




Prohibited products that include high concentrate of Resin and cannot be removed from the pole in the allotted time:

  • Stickum spray can and paste
  • Firm grip spray can
  • Gorilla snot
  • Pole Honey

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