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The IPSF is working towards raising the standard of national and world coaches within Pole Sports. In order to become a recognised IPSF coach we have put in place a 6 year proficiency system to increase the educational skill, knowledge and safety of all coaches recognised by the IPSF. This will help to protect, inspire and encourage athletes around the world as well as helping to professionally grow our sport in line with intentional sporting guidelines.






Coaches must: 

  • apply to the IPSF to become recognised national before becoming a world coach
  •  apply and have certified in the IPSF Code of Points Training 2023 (applicable to the apparatus you want to be a coach in)
  • complete & pass an Anatomy & Physiology course
  • complete the WADA Anti-Doping Training Course

**Applicable to all IPSF disciplines (sport, artistic, aerial, ultra**)


Benefits of becoming an recognised IPSF Coach:

  • To represent your athletes as a coach at the World Pole Championships
  • Discounted ticket for the World Pole Championships
  • The right to be part of your national team at the IPSF National Championships
  • The right to be part of your national team at the World Pole Championships
  • To market yourself as an IPSF coach showing you are working towards the highest level of coaching standards
  • The use of the IPSF coaches logo for all promotional purposes
  • IPSF Coaches Certificate


Chaperones cannot:

  • Sit in the kiss and cry zone
  • Join the parade
  • Wear the national tracksuit

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