Crack the Code 2018/19                       Pole Sports & Aerial Hoop

We have exciting POLE & AERIAL NEWS and we want YOU to be a part of it! CRACK THE CODE IS BACK!  We are building a VIDEO catalogue of ALL CODE MOVES to include the largest and most comprehensive catalogue of FREE pole tutorials! In this IPSF CRACK THE CODE CHALLENGE, we invite YOU to teach pole to a global pole & aerial community of millions and growing! Help teach and shape the future the pole!  We are looking for ALL LEVELS polers and it doesn’t matter which level you are, or how old you are, only that you can demonstrate the move correctly. All you have to do is select any one (or 100) of the 450+ moves in the IPSF Code of Points  and film yourself according to the rules below. If your move is successfully chosen, you will become part of pole history and a part of the FUTURE OF POLE & AERIAL having your demonstration tutorial placed in the catalogue to be seen and used by the GLOBAL POLE & AERIAL COMMUNITY, including coaches, athletes, and enthusiast to understand Code moves and how to execute them properly.



  • Challenge opens 1st October 2018
  • Film a short clip of you executing any move from the code. All moves from the code are included in the challenge, including singles and doubles moves and criteria.
  • The move must meet all of the minimum requirements of the Code to be considered
  • Begin the move from a start position next to the pole and end the move once all of the minimum requirements have been met (i.e. held for 2 seconds or 360 spin, etc.)
  • Use only the simplest or most obvious entry and simple/obvious exit to the move. The move should be the star in this situation, not the transition.
  • Clothing must be athletic attire/sports oriented with bare feet
  • Background must be clean and clutter free
  • The first move to be approved will be listed on THE IPSF MOVES CATALOGUE
  • Once a move has been catalogued then it cannot be submitted for again
  • We will accept more than one video per move per person so send us your best take.  You may submit as many individual moves as you like.
  • By submitting your video to the Crack the Code Challenge, you agree to assign your rights to your video to the IPSF for use in educating the worldwide Pole Community in the IPSF Code movements.


  • Choose your move
  • Film your move making sure it adheres to the challenge rules (just show the move, no need to break it down or give instructions)
  • Make sure you film landscape or portrait depending on your move and the drawing
  • Download the IPSF drawing of your move HERE
  • Stitch your video to the drawing very simply by using either VIDEO STITCH or VIDEO COLLAGE
  • Post the high-quality video on Instagram with the following information:
    • Code number and Code name
    • Tag @ipsfpolesports
    • Hash Tag  #crackthecode & #ipsf
    • Your full name
  • If your video is successfully listed in the catalogue and on the IPSF YouTube account, your video will be credited with a post on Instagram and Facebook


  • Your code move demonstration will become part of the IPSF Code Moves Catalogue, which is set to be the largest catalogue of pole moves in the world and will be featured on IPSF YouTube, where it will be seen and used all over the world by pole athletes and enthusiasts.
  • The global pole community will now learn from you as you teach your code move to them giving them a better understating of what is required for the correct execution of the movement.
  • You will be given full credit with your video and become a part of educating pole athletes and enthusiasts all over the world. All featured winners will be helping to teach the next generation of pole athletes and enthusiasts, becoming part of the evolution of pole.
  • You will be named as an official “IPSF Crack the Code Coach” and people will look to your demonstration tutorial and use the knowledge gained to build successful routines en route to the World Pole Sports Champions. You never know, YOU may be the one that teaches the NEXT WORLD CHAMPION!  



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