New Move or Combination Submission

The IPSF has a system of submission of new moves and combinations whereby athletes:

  1. Send a video of your your move or combination to
  2. Make sure you clearly name the move or combination.
  3. Wait 14 working days for a response or a request for further information.
  4. If the move or combination has been approved, the move name will be logged by the IPSF. It could be that the name you have chosen is not technical term that fits with the IPSF coding. In such a case the IPSF Technical Committee will decided on a name that works with the coded names. Your chosen name will become the AKA directly after name of the move or combination.
  5. The move will be advertised in case of an appeal.
  6. If there is no appeal the move or combination will then be considered for inclusion into the IPSF Code of Points by the technical team.
  7. If the move or combination is successfully place in the code it will be filmed, named, AKA, point allocated and place on the IPSF YouTube account for reference purposes.
  8. All moves must be submitted before 31st July to be considered for inclusion to the following years updated code.
  9. Moves already in the code can not be renamed or claimed.
  10. The technical teams decision is final and entry to the code is based on the IPSF criteria.
  11. In the case of a successful appeal the IPSF reserve the right to change the name or AKA of a move in order to reflect the appeal outcome.
  12. The IPSF reserves the right to periodically review the above criteria and up date the criteria for submission.

If you have any question please contact

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