Aerial Pole

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Aerial Pole

Created and evolving in strict accordance with GAISF and the International Olympic Committee criteria, Aerial Pole is new this year at the World Pole & Aerial Sport Championships. With more than 3000 athletes worldwide competing in regionals, nationals and opens throughout each year and expanding exponentially in terms of competitors, countries, continents and fans, this enthralling sport culminates each year at the World Championships where elite athletes from across the globe compete for the Gold Medal and the coveted title of World Aerial Pole Sports Champion in categories ranging in ages from 10 to 75, and in divisions including Men’s, Women’s and Juniors, Novice and Masters 


This discipline includes artistic elements but is based more heavily on athleticism and technical merit, and judged by an original Code of Points in line with Olympic standards.


Qualification by attending a national or open championships (all IPSF competitions host an Open)




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