IPSF Pole Industry Awards

The International Pole Sports Federation would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication displayed across the Pole industry. The awards ceremony will take place at the World Pole Weekend 2018. Created to recognise and celebrate the effort and accomplishments of all individuals in the industry, the IPSF welcomes Athletes, Businesses and Federations as nominees from around the world. In the true spirit of the IPSF Pole community movement; everyone gets a vote!

Get Voting!


How does it work?

  1. Nominations will close on 8th May.
  2. Nominees will be contacted on 9th May and asked to send in a questionnaire about their achievements over the last year.
  3. Nominations will be announced on 12th May.
  4. Voting will take place between 15th May - 15th June.
  5. IPSF committee and IPSF national federations presidents vote 16th June - 23rd June. Voting will be based on nominees questionnaires.
  6. 30% of the total score will be the public votes and 70% will be the committee votes.
  7. The awards will be held on 15th July at the World Pole Weekend 2018.

How can I nominate?

  1. To nominate an athlete, please contact your IPSF Federation or IPSF National Competition Organiser for details SEE HERE
  2. All IPSF Federations are automatically nominated.
  3. To nominate a business NOMINATE HERE
  4. All nominees must be active within the IPSF pole industry; please see criteria below.

How can I vote?

  1. On 12th May public voting will open, please vote for your nominee below before 15th June.
  2. Your vote can only be counted once.

Pole Athlete of the Year


The IPSF Pole Industry award for Athlete of the Year will be awarded to the Athlete who is deemed to have achieved the most over the last 12 months in terms of positively promoting the IPSF Pole movement. The individual must have competed in an IPSF endorsed competition or must have applied to do so within the competive year 2017/18. They will be assessed upon the positive acts they have carried out for the benefit of the Pole community. This award is open to all IPSF athletes.


Athletes will be nominated by each IPSF National Federation or IPSF endorsed National Competition.




Alan Héritier Switzerland Alessandra Rancan True Brasil Alba Parra Spain
Camilo Pelaez Colombia Anna Von Hoyningen Huene Canada Alyona & Anna Fomenko Russia
Denis Terrones Spain Apple Wang Netherlands Dana Castillo Zarazúa Mexico
Dimitrii Politov Russia Bjørg Granly Norway Danielle Souza Brasil
Filipe Saboia Brasil Laura Reyes Spain Ellen Kukkasniemi Finland
Gianmarco Stefanelli Netherlands María Eugenia Plaza Ortega Mexico Isabella Oliveros Colombia
Jorge Lera Norway Natalia Knysheva Russia Paige Olson USA
Lei Jiang China Noemi Marosvolgyi Hungary Romane Moscaritolo Switzerland
Moisés Ahumada Reyes Mexico Oona Kivelä Finland Rowanie Wante Netherlands
Olavi Heino Finland Polina Volchek USA    
Robbie Song Canada Sandra De Sloovere Switzerland    
Slava Ruza Sweden Sandra Toro Colombia    
    Therese Karmstrand Sweden    
    Yumeng Zhang China    

Pole Industry Award - National Federation


The IPSF recognises the efforts of each National Federation and has created this award to celebrate their achievements by awarding one IPSF National Federation this Industry award. The winner of the IPSF National Federation Industry Award will be chosen based upon their effort and accomplishments in positively promoting Pole to the general public and the advances they have made in representing Pole in their country. SEE FEDERATIONS HERE

Pole Industry Award - Business


The IPSF Pole Industry Business Award will be awarded to a business who is deemed to have contributed the IPSF Pole  Community either on a national or international basis.  An IPSF Business award brings prestige and professionalism to those who work hard within the industry in the best way they can. 


Businesses can be nominated by anyone who wants to see a good company get the credit they deserve.

2017 Winners


Benita Bow

Moises Ahumada Reyes

Dana Castillo


An amazing ambassador of Pole Sports around from around the world.



They have only been with the iPSF for one year and have grown rapidly!

Sun Pole


For the second year Sun Pole win the business of the year

2016 Winners

Erika González


An amazing ambassador of Pole Sports around the world.



For the second year running the mexican federation are an insperation to the IPSF.

Sun Pole


We cannot thank Sun Pole enough for their part in growing Pole Sports Worldwide and their support of the IPSF

2015 Winners

Sandra de Sloovere


Sandra has been an inspiring athlete in Switzerland and a great advocate of Pole Sports around the world.



With national recognition within their country Mexico have been an insperation to all IPSF federation on just what hard work can achieve!

Studio Verve


Working for so many years in Pole Jenifer has been an insperation to so many in Australia.

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