Disciplines of Pole


Pole Sports

This flagship discipline includes artistic elements but is based more heavily on athleticism and technical merit, and judged by an original Code of Points in line with other Olympic standard sports such as diving, ice skating and gymnastics.

Ultra Pole

The exhilarating Ultra Pole, was designed to encourage innovation, embolden creativity, elevate freedom of expression, and escalate ultimate athleticism to attract the most radical and innovative athletes yet. Judged by the Freestyle Rules, Ultra Pole is an ultimate trick battle enabling the athlete to trick out against other competitors in battle style rounds.

Artistic Pole

The highly anticipated Artistic Pole first debuted during the 2016/2017 competition season with Federations and Endorsed Competitions ramping up inclusion of this more artistic version of Pole in their National and Regional competitions.

Para Pole

Para Pole has been developed in line with Paralympic criteria to now include 3 categories, muscle, limb and sight deficiency.

Urban Pole

Urban Pole is practised outside in open air, bringing an exciting and thrilling dimension to pole, which challenges the concept of pole sports to the extreme. Currently in the development stages due to the complex nature of the equipment.

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