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National & Open Championship Dates

National & Open Championships dates for 2016/17

OPEN competitions are for countries that do not have an IPSF endorsed national championships. Athletes can only enter one open per competive year. Contact the competition directly.


February 2017

NETHERLANDS - Dutch Pole Sports Championship


5th Febuary



COLOMBIA - Colombian Pole Sports Championships


11th and 12TH Feb 2017

ISREAL - Isreal Pole Sports Championships


25th Febuary 2017




March 2017

SWEDEN - Swedish Pole Sports Championships


4th March 2017

CHILE - Chilean Pole Sports Championship



18 and 19th March 2017


UKRAINE - Ukraine Pole Sports Championships



26th March 2017

BRAZIL - Brazilian Pole Sports Championships


25 and 26th March 2017


April 2017

VENEZUELA - Campeonato Nacional de Pole Sport Venezuela


1st April 2017


GREECE - Greek Open Polesport Championship


1 & 2nd April

SPAIN - Spanish Pole Sports Championships


1st -2nd April


JAPAN - Japan Pole Sports Championships



31st March and 1st April



SOUTH AFRICA - South African Pole Sports Championship


8 and 9th April 2017


POLAND - Polish Pole Sport Championships


22nd April 2017


MEXICO - Mexican Pole Sports Championships


22nd to 23rd April 2017


HUNGARY - Hungarian Pole Sports Championships


29 and 30th April


May 2017

NORWAY - Norwegian Pole Sport Championship


6th and 7th May 2017


CANADA - Canadian Pole Sport Championship 2017


13th May 2017


ITALY - Campionato Italiano Pole Sport IPSF


13 and 14th May


RUSSIA- Russian Pole Sports Championships


 13th and 14 May 2017


GERMANY - German Pole Sports Championship


27 and 28th May 2017

June 2017

UK - Pole Sports UK Championships


Please contact for qualification details




July 2017

NETHERLANDS - World Pole Sports Championships 2017


30 June - 2nd July 2017


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World Pole Sports Championships
Tickets go on sale for the World Pole weekend as well as applications open for qualified athletes on 1st March 2017. The championships will be held on 30th June - 2nd July Holland

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