Artistic Pole

World Championships

Applications are now open for World Artistic Pole athletes to apply via video

The highly anticipated Artistic Pole marked its 2nd World Championships with Federations and Endorsed Competitions ramping up inclusion of this more artistic version of Pole in their National and Regional competitions. The second annual World Artistic Pole Championships will be held in July 2018 in the Spain during World Pole Weekend.


Artistic Pole, the more artistically inclined sibling of Pole Sports, encourages creativity and emboldens freedom of expression with more emphasis on artistic interpretation and is judged by the newly created Freestyle Pole Series Rules, which does not include a Code of Points, but relies more heavily on art, choreography and musicality.






  • Athletes must be at least 15+ years old on the date of the World Ultra Pole Championships to apply

  • There will be six categories:
    • Men 18 - 49
    • Women 18 -49
    • Doubles 15+
    • Masters 50+ Women
    • Masters 50+ Men
    • Junior
  • Video applications open on March 1st and close on 15th May - Cost £50

  • Finalists and reserves announced 27th May

  • Athletes acceptance closes 6th June

  • World Championships will take place on 13th and 14th July


National & Video Championships Qualification

  1. If your country is hosting an Artistic Pole Championships, you must compete in this to qualify.

  2. Scores will be listed in the World Ranking

  3. Video application open 1st March

  4. The highest scoring 7 athletes plus 2 reserves from the both the nationals and videos will be seclected. Athletes who have competed at national level and did not win cannot reapply for the video application.

Artistic Pole

Download the video and scoring requirements as well as apply

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