Competition Endorsement

The IPSF Competition Endorsement seeks to accomplish two things:


1.     Acknowledge regional and national events that are producing pole athletes in all categories. The level of event recognition is based on the level of fairness, level of judging quality, standards in a scoring system and the ethics of the competition as a whole. The IPSF seeks to improve and standardise the level of competitions across the world to improve professionalism and safety.


2.    Identify athletes that may participate in the IPSF WPSC. This is achieved by athletes placing in an elite category of an IPSF ‘recognised’ national competition. This is also done through our National Federations who will have fully accredited and endorsed IPSF championships. 


3.   Competition accreditation is now open for the competitive year 2016/17. Only endorsed competitions that use full IPSF criteria and judges will be accepted. Preference will be given to federations wishing to join the IPSF. For more information please email


Competition Qualification
The following competitions have been chosen for athletes qualification to the World Pole Sports Championships 2016/17. They have been chosen for one of the following reasons:

  • They are National Championships hosted by a National Federation member of the IPSF with a minimum status of associate membership
  • They are an IPSF endorsed competition with an endorsed elite category using IPSF certified judges and scoring system
  • They follow the IPSF ethical code of conduct, are fair, transparent and value safety above all else


The IPSF reserves the right to select only one competition in countries that have an IPSF endorsed National Federation and or competition.

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