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World Pole Sports Championships


The worlds most highly trained judges have 8 categories to judge from the ages of 10+


Athletes have competed at regional and national level to qualify for WPSC


Over 30 pole sports businesses support the WPSC through vending & sponsorship


The IPSF Pole Sports Industry Awards celebrates those who give back to pole

Held each July around the world, 8 categories battle it out to win the coveted title of World Pole Sports Champion:

  • Senior Men - 18-39
  • Senior Women - 18-39
  • Doubles
  • Masters 40+
  • Masters 50+
  • Junior - 15-17
  • Novice - 10-14

This competition has been created to reflect an international and Olympic sport by following WADA Anti-Doping guidelines and the IOC rules for sport. This competition has set the foundation for Pole Sports to become a globally recognised sport.

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World Pole Sports Championships
Tickets go on sale for the World Pole weekend as well as applications open for qualified athletes on 1st March 2017. The championships will be held on 30th June - 2nd July Holland

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