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Do you have what it takes to be part of the fastest growing sport on the planet? Then join the Pole Sports Movement. There are so many ways you can be part of the future of our sport...

Is it just a matter of time?


It takes so many steps to become an Olympic sport. Where are we in this process?

Step 1 - To become a governing body

Step 2 - To create rules, regulations, scoring systems

Step 3 - To apply become a member of SportsAccord

Step 4 - To apply become a member of the IOC

Step 5 - To join the World Games

Step 6 - To be selected for the Olympic Games

We are on step 4! Join us and make step 5 & 6 happen!





Pole Sports Intern Opportunities! The IPSF is looking for skilled, hard working, dedicated Pole Sports enthusiasts to help with the exciting task of getting Pole Sports recognised as an official sport and eventually into the World and Olympic Games. If you have what it takes to donate your skills for the committee or the World Pole Sports Championships then all you need to do is contact us!


Support our athletes


There are many way of supporting our athletes from attending regional's, nationals and the world championships to sponsoring, mentoring and coaching. Youth athletes are growing in numbers and they need our support!






The IPSF is currently building an immense structure to support Pole Sports as a whole for a sustainable future. It’s our goal to shape Pole Sports exactly as all recognized sports, flooding Pole Sports with all the same opportunities: accredited athletic scholarships, wide spread well known training programs, popular teams, lucrative sponsorships, real careers, full time opportunities, government support, and a mainstream fan base. You can DONATE HERE and help make this happen.


Join a National Federation


Become a member of your IPSF national federation as:

An enthusiast
An athlete
A studio/club
A business


Get qualified


Become a specialist Pole Sports coach, instructor and trainers with the IPSF. Our courses are international recognised, cutting edge with the latest training methods, online and face to face, in multiple languages and industry revered. If you would like to become a coach, instructor, judge or work with children then our endorsed courses are for you



Compete with the IPSF


The IPSF endorsed national championships enable athletes of all levels and ages to take part in this rapidly growing sporting arena. If you are 10+ you can compete in one of the following categories:


Elite athletes must compete at national level to qualify for a place at the World Pole Sports Championships. Do you have what it takes to be a world champion? APPLY TO A COMPETITION HERE


Become a National Federation


The IPSF aim is to grow Pole Sports worldwide by having an endorsed federation in 50 countries by 2020. With more than 70 countries already hosting classes it's a matter of time before this dream becomes reality. Do you have what it takes to become the governing body of Pole Sports in your country, then email us now to find out more details on how we can guide you through the process.



Start a IPSF National Championships


Not ready to start a federation yet or would like time to promote Pole Sports in your country then why not, with the help of the IPSF start an IPSF endorsed national championships. We will guide you and your team step by step through what you need to do to host a championship. Competition season begins 1st September until 15th June so email us today to host a championships.


Watch our videos


We can talk about Pole Sports until we are blue in the face but there is nothing quite like watching the world best athlete show us just what our sport is all about! To see out latest World Champions and much more WATCH SOME DEATH DEFYING POLE SPORTS HERE


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