IPSF Steering Committee

The IPSF is a democratic federation and each leading member of the pole sports committee from around the world has been voted in at the Annual General Meeting. Each member of the committee donates their time freely to ensure the highest standards possible are met and then evaluated regularly to guarantee consistency in our aims and goals.

Any one may join the IPSF Committee and have the right to vote and help implement changes to the way the Federation and the World Pole Sports Championships is run. If you are interested in contributing to the IPSF please contact info@polesports.org for more information.

Steering Committee Vacancies

These committee positions are available; see below for further details and a job description:


Ethics & Welfare Officer

Medical Officer

Safety Officer


We are also looking for people who wish to become voluntary assistants to the marketing team in areas of design, event venue research, media co-ordination etc. You would not be a full committee member, but you would be a valuable part of the IPSF organisation. 


If you are interested in any of these positions, please download the PDF file

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Management Committee




KT Coates

President - KT Coates

KT is the owner of Vertical Dance, the winner of the IPC contribution to the industry award 2012, a Level 5 PDC certified instructor and a Level 3 REPs instructor. She has been in the pole industry for over 16 years and is a pioneer and leading authority in pole fitness and instructor training programmes.  She has helped raise health and safety standards within the pole industry, is responsible for the push to get pole sports into the Olympics and is working for official recognition for pole sports as a sport. As President, KT oversees the technical committee as well as co-ordinating the smooth running of the IPSF alongside the Vice-President.

Kate Whitley

Vice-President - Kate Whitley

Kate has been involved in the industry since 2008 when she took over a pole school in Oxford. From the outset she got involved in national and international events and recognised the importance of having standardised regulations in the pole industry; firstly to provide a high level of safety and excellence to students but also for school owners too. This led her to the position of Ethics Chair in the first year of the IPSF (2010). Kate is an organiser of the WPSC and firmly believes in the goal of getting pole sports into the Olympics, however long it takes.  She has co-ordinated the IPSF for the last three years and been an integral member of the federation in both an administrative and supportive role and will continue to do so as Vice-President.

Treasurer - Mandy Tree


Mandy's involvement with pole has been through assisting with events both locally and nationally due to her interest in seeing the sport develop. She was a key manager in both WPSC 2012/13 and plays a signifcant part in event management. Her background is based in administration and booking-keeping giving her the experience neccessary to be the Treasurer for the IPSF. Mandy investigates new funding streams and ensure the IPSF is eventually qualified to register as a charity.

Technical Sub-Committee

Head of Technical Committee

Scoring Representative

Rules and Regulations Representative

Judges Representative

Athletes Representative

Florenza Pizanis-Ellis

Head of Technical Sub-Committee - Florenza Pizanis

Florenza is a professional dance teacher/ballet master, choreographer, pole dance instructor and Rhythmic Sports Gymnastics trainer and judge. She has also worked in two competitive sports at national and international levels (up to Olympic qualifications) and has seen the outcome of faulty judging systems and the harsh politics that go along with it. Florenza has experienced firsthand, the effect inconsistencies and injustices can have on hard-working and determined athletes of all ages. She would like to help prevent much of this happening in its infancy and is works on the IPSF standardised scoring system and intense and comprehensive judges training to ensure consistency for all athletes.

David Lacagnina

Scoring Representative - Davide Lacagnina

Davide has been a titled gymnast since 1982, a certified fitness instructor from 1996, gymnastic coach (Italian Federation of Gymnastic) personal trainer, coach of the national team of Pole Sport FISAC-POLEXGYM (Italian Federation of Sports Acrobatic and Choreographic),EPSU international judge and an aerobic gymnastic national judge. He has judged national and international pole competitions and has been very active in creating a scoring system for the IPSF that is based on a code of points. This position will mean he will be constantly assessing and evaluating how the biomechnics of the body can be safely scored in international and national competitions.

Olga Strom

Rules and Regulations Representative - Olga Strom

Olga Strom is the founder and President of the Czech Pole & Aerial Sports Federation and also the  founder and 1st Vice-president of the European Pole Sport Union.  From 2010 she certified as an instructor of pole sports and from 2011 she spent all her free time for the non-profit Pole Sport Federation in the Czech Republic as a founder and president. She is responsible for getting pole sports officially recognised as a sport and for creating a strong pole community in the Czech Republic . Olga is an accredited IPSF international judge and a key member of the committee in the development of standardising rules and regulations for all abilities and ages in pole sports.

Cindy Cojimans

Judges Representative - Cindy Cooijmans

Cindy teaches pole and created the Pole Move Box; she is also a very important part of the WPSC and the organisational team. She is very interested in the pole industry and keeps up with new moves that are being invented; the difficulty, flexibility, strength of a move and the naming process that comes with it.  Cindy has judged in several small and large competitions and is IPSF certified. Cindy is an integral part of the process in ensuring that judges for the IPSF are trained to an excellent standard for both international and national competitions worldwide. She also represents them to ensure they are treated fairly and respectfully when involved in IPSF activities around the world.

Ekaterina Gostevskikh

Athletes Representative - Ekaterina Gostevskikh

Ekaterina used to be a fitness instructor for 10 years and after 6 months of pole training came 3rd in one of the first Russian Pole Sports championships (2009) and opened her own studio. She took part in the elaboration of the Russian National Pole Sports rules and scoring system in 2012. In addition to that her students have successfully performed in international events, thus she has travelled a lot and examined many foreign scoring systems. Ekaterina has a degree in management, interpreting and fitness. All this experience helps her to analyse and improve existing judging systems. Ekaterina will be ensuring that athletes have and understand the correct scoring system as well supporting them in IPSF competitions.

Accreditations Sub-Committee

Federation Accreditations Co-ordinator

Competition Accreditation Co-ordinator - Vacant

Federations Co-ordinator - Rachida Meier


Info to come

Competition Accreditation Co-ordinator - This position is currently vacant.


Job description:


This position will require the post holder to process applications from competition organisers, including National Federations, to endorse or recognise those with a scoring system eligible for elite athletes to gain entry to the World Pole Sports Championships.


You will be responsible for ensuring endorsed competitions are supported by the IPSF and liaise with organisers on matters such as anti-doping, insurance, rules and regulations etc.


We expect this post to take approximately a couple of hours a week to process applications and answer emails.

Marketing Committee

Marketing Co-ordinator

Events Representative - Filled - Information coming soon

Marketing Representative - Filled - Information coming soon

Shophie Logan

Marketing Co-ordinator - Sophie Logan

Sophie has a keen interest and University education in marketing, so the role of marketing representative only perfectly combines her experience and knowledge but does so along with her passion for pole. She founded and ran the University of Essex pole dancing club for two years, and understands the importance for clear and direct promoting and the difference that it can make to potential success. The club helped her develop her ability to adapt to changes, expanded her skills in communication and broadened her knowledge of the pole and fitness industry. Sophie's skills are a valuable benefit for the IPSF as the need to market events, policies, accreditations and the WPSC continues.

Events Representative - This position is currently vacant.


Job description:


This post holder is required to be heavily involved in the promotion, organising and assisting at the World Pole Sports Championships. This is a three day event annually and you would be expected to attend for all three days as a key member of the team.


The role also consists of some time on a weekly basis to collate information about events held around the world that the IPSF could be part of, give presentations to and generally promote what we do.


We would ideally like you to be someone who can be creative and use initiative to come up with some promotional events or activities for the IPSF and the WPSC.

Other Committee Members

Anti-doping Officer - Filled Information coming soon

Ethics & Welfare Officer - vacant

Medical Officer - vacant

Memberships Representative

Safety Officer - vacant

Ethics & Welfare Officer - This position is currently vacant


This position will need a couple of hours a week most weeks with more required for event preparation such as WPSC.  The welfare side of the role means your attendance at the WPSC is compulsory for three days. If you cannot guarantee this, please do not apply. You will need to have a full working knowledge of UK current Safeguarding procedures, working with vulnerable adults and understanding issues of disablities in sports. If you only have an expertise in one category we are willing to accept you would be learning the other requirements as a priority when in post. For the Ethics role you will need to regularly update our ethics and welfare documents, writing new ones when necessary and disseminating them internationally. Having an understanding about conflicts of interest is crucial and being able to make accurate records is extremely important.


This position is voluntary

Medical Officer - This position is currently vacant


You will need to have a qualification in the medical profession (Doctor, nurse, paramedic, First Aid trainer etc.) and will be required to attend all WPSC events and work with the Anti-doping Officer when required. Training on anti-doping issues will be given. Your role to events would be to assess personal medical forms for athletes and staff to make sure any needs they have are met and any issues they may have are raised with the necessary department. Your attendance at the WPSC is compulsory for three days; if you cannot guarantee this, please do not apply. Basic First Aid will always be supplied by an outside agency, but you would be required to log any details and follow up where necessary. We would also like you to be available throughout the year for advice when writing relevant documents to ensure we are up to date on medical practices and procedures.


This position is voluntary

Memberships Representative - Filled - Information coming soon


You will log all applications for IPSF membership onto our database and keep up to date with renewals. This will include ensuring the forms have been filled in correctly, the required documents are valid and extra information needed is followed up. You will then send the information to the management team for assessment and issue the membership documents when done. You may find some weeks require more hours than others, but ultimately membership time scales are strict so you must have an understanding on being able to work within them. We would also expect you to attend the WPSC annually as the memberships representative on our IPSF stand. This is for three days, please do not apply if you cannot guarantee this.



Safety Officer - This position is currently vacant


You will need to have a background in relation to this role as you will need to have the knowledge to design and conduct risk assessments on equipment, people and buildings for large events. You will need to keep up to date with poles, rigging and other equipment in order to keep our athletes safe whilst also being cost effective to the IPSF. You would work alongside the Medical Officer, the First Aid Team, the contractors for the equipment and on your own. You are required to atend IPSF events and your attendance for the WPSC over three days is compulsory. If you cannot guarantee this then please do not apply.


This position is voluntary


Tim Trautman - Honorary Member

Honorary Member - Tim Trautman

2010 - 2012

Tim created the IPSF in early 2010 to take pole sports to the ultimate level, the World Games and the Olympics. In 2006 he joined with Lizz Schofield to create Studio Soiree in Salt Lake City, Utah which became hugel successful.  In early 2009, he assisted in the creation and operation of the Pole Fitness Association and started the PFA's Olympic Committee to study what it would take to get pole sports into the Olympics. From his research, it was clear that a dedicated organisation was needed. Thus, he left the PFA to start the IPSF and spent the next year planning and putting the IPSF together as well as recruiting the industry's best and brightest leaders to make the IPSF what it is today. 

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