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IPSF Meeting Dates

If you would like to make a contribution towards IPSF governance, please email the General Secretary one week before a meeting date for inclusion and discussion:

Executive Committee 


Month Day     Date Time (UK)
March Monday 7th 8pm
April Monday 11th 9.30am
May Monday 9th 8pm
June Monday 6th 9.30am
July Monday 4th 8pm
September Monday 5th 9.30am
October Monday 3rd 8pm

Delegate committees

Weekly (UK time)

Admin Competitions Judges Federations Marketing Technical Training
Monday Tuesday Friday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Monday
10am 11am 10am 6pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 3pm

Federation Members and Competition Organisers


Month Day Time (UK)
March Saturday 12pm
April Wednesday 8pm
May Saturday 12pm
June Wednesday 8pm
July Saturday 12pm
September Saturday 12pm
October Wednesday 8pm
November Saturday AGM
December Wednesday 8pm

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World Pole Sports Championships
Tickets go on sale for the World Pole weekend as well as applications open for qualified athletes on 1st March 2017. The championships will be held on 30th June - 2nd July Holland

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